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Current Issue: Volume 13, Number 3 (2023)



Exploring disruptive power: Acceptance of digital technologies in mechanical engineering education among Ghanaian technical university teachers
Emmanuel Obobi Tettehfio, Agus Setiawan, Iwan Kustiawan, and Prince Yaw Andoh

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.63606


The development of Android-based learning media using Kodular in making suit patterns subject
Fitri Nurjanah and Sri Emy Yuli Suprihatin

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.54542


The impact of Indonesia's decentralized education on vocational skills and economic improvement of students
Ari Setiawan, Dedek Andrian, Hanandyo Dardjito, Azim Abdurakhmanovich Yuldashev, Sri Murlianti, Eri Ester Khairas, Lukman Handoko, and Ihwana As€„¢ad

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.68026


The implementation of the Sistem Inovasi Cepat Penanganan ODGJ Terpadu (SICEPOT) in Sukabumi City
Ike Rachmawati, Dine Meigawati, and Phan Doan Kieu Trang

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.70160


Android-based learning media development with iSpring Suite application in pastry course
Febri Ananda, Elida Elida, Kasmita Kasmita, and Dedy Irfan

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.66941


Mobile grammar application for computer students in higher vocational education: Self-learning tool to enhance student's autonomy
Gusti Nyoman Ayu Sukerti, Luh Nyoman Chandra Handayani, I Putu Yoga Laksana, and Gary P. Boyce

DOI: 10.21831/jpv.v13i3.54246