Political Communication, Independence, Political Economy of The Media.

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Research on Political Economy of Media: At the news ahead of elections for the governor
of Banten in 2017 by Radar Banten and Baraya TV, phenomenon triggered by the
loosening of the values of objectivity and independence of the mass media in carrying
out its functions as set in the Press Law and the Broadcasting Law. At the time of the
campaign, the candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are competing to get the
"place 'and is known well as sell to prospective election promise to get sympathy. At the
time, the media seemed to forget the function and position. This study aims to determine
the phenomenon of media relations with the candidates and how the phenomenon of
the political economy of media in both institutions (Radar Banten and Baraya Pos) at
the time before the election for governor of Banten in 2017. This study uses this study
used a qualitative approach, with the constructivist paradigm and using the method
of data collection through the depth-interview, the informant was elected. The results
of the study illustrate that media relations (relations between) media with prospective
relatively loose, drawn from observations and interviews show that the two media are
"very affectionate" with the candidates, and the media policy in lifting more headlines
have suggested the economic interests vis a vis political interests.

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